Laser hair removal without pain

Our center Golden Clinic Center is the latest device that helps to remove the message from all parts of the body safely and without the mother and in a modern way We at the center of the Golden Clinic Center using the latest sophisticated devices to remove the notification are the device of Gentle Laser Pro from Candela and the Sine Shore

Candela Laser is one of the most important types of Alexandrite laser leading laser hair removal standards

The device has been used by many clinics and beauty experts because of its effectiveness in hair removal without pain. The device produces liquid nitrogen in computer controlled quantities that cool the upper layers of the skin before releasing the laser pulse, which protects skin cells from burning and prevents the appearance of pigmentation in the treated areas. The dynamic cooling system of the Candela laser helps relieve many of the pain during the session, and makes it easier for the doctor to use the laser for longer sessions with a higher card without the need to use or anesthetize.

The Alexandrite laser also contains quick flashes that destroy hair follicle and stop its growth without any effect on the surrounding skin. Melanin absorbs significantly the elixandrite laser, which affects it strongly until hair falls.

Candela laser hair removal features:

LaserAlexandrite is one of the most powerful laser types in clinics.

With dynamic cooling.

Does not cause pain.

Its results are effective in removing hair permanently.

Works on all skin levels.

In addition to the former device, we have the Cynosure laser at our Golden Clinic Center

The features and features of the Senachor laser do not cause pain, redness or burns expected from hair removal sessions.

Sinoshor works on all levels of skin as well as on the types and colors of hair excess (if light and light or thick and thick).

The results of the Senachor laser device are very high and effective in hair disappearance for a long range.

Sinchor laser device session

The doctor determines the quality of the skin and hair to test the proper energy of the laser for each patient.

There are two types of laser with a synchor laser and depending on the color of the skin, the type of laser that will treat hair removal is chosen.

Thirdly, the appropriate laser strength is determined with the skin and the quality of the hair.

The Cynosure device communicates with an air cooling device directly connected to the head of the device and produces very cool air with the laser beam.

The air cooling system helps to reduce the heat of the laser beam on the skin and skin so as not to feel any pain and protect you from burns and redness.

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