Rejuvenation and fresh skin

Do you complain of skin fatigue, pigmentation, freckles, or age spots?

In our center golden clinic center we have the solution through the advanced devices that we put in your hands, including LED light therapy face mask

It is the most advanced anti-aging treatment mask for treating skin using UV colors in specific waves through small LED lamps to stimulate facial circulation and promote collagen production, heal skin and reduce acne ..

The treatment uses different colored LED lights to treat skin problems. They are red, blue and green.

Red: The benefits of red light are to reduce redness and inflammation, increase skin healing, promote collagen production and repair acne lesions. They are very popular for treating fine lines and wrinkles, and can also reduce the large pores.

Blue: Blue light can kill acne bacteria under your skin without absolutely irritating the skin.

Green: Green light targets the pigment cells under your skin. It treats hyperpigmentation by breaking down and reducing the formation of excess melanin. It is ideal for treating freckles, age spots, sun spots, brown spots, liver patches and scars.

To increase the freshness and beauty of the skin, our center offers you a golden clinic center Nanopore

It is a modern medical device that stimulates collagen production and reproduces it through the work of thin titanium needles

NANOPORE by Mediderma accelerates cell movement

Referred to the treatment used for:

Relaxing skin

Hide aging

Treatment of fine lines and wrinkles

Treatment of wrinkles lines (bar code)

Skin rejuvenation


Large pores

Alopecia (in combination with topical therapy)

Acne (in combination with topical therapy)

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