Tightening the skin

Our faces reflect our ages, our experiences and our feelings, tell our stories, and look around us at our secrets, the wrinkles of smiling at our joys, and the dark circles around our eyes and our fatigue and nights and our anxiety and anxiety. What if I tell you that all of this has become a plague of the past, and that you can get rid of all the signs and effects of this time and restore the youthful beauty and beauty and without surgery? Is not that the dream?

In our center Golden clinic center you can restore your youth and vitality of your skin through a number of devices, the most important Ultraha device, which relies on the technique of ultrasound Micro Micro to lift the face and neck and chin lift

The American Althira device promises to achieve the difficult equation, eliminate the wrinkles and the effects of aging on your face, skin and neck without the risk of surgery, anesthesia and operations

Ulthera is a device that uses ultrasound to treat the effects of aging and skin regeneration and rid of wrinkles, and this through a technology that stimulates the self-renewal of cells. Therefore, during a few sessions of the face lift and get rid of wrinkles around the eyes and wrinkles smile around the mouth, and save you from the neck wrinkles, and gives you the same results of the process of lifting eyebrows.

Althira is the only technology that uses ultrasound imaging during operation, allowing your doctor to see the inner layers of the skin and the impact of the device on them during his work. This means that you are receiving a treatment tailored to your skin’s specific condition and without the risk of generalized treatment that may adversely affect sensitive skin.

The device does not include the use of any filler, cream or poison, and it only depends on the revitalization of natural regeneration processes in the skin

With our Golden Clinic Center we guarantee you the youth and not only with this device. At our center, we will not forget the Scarlet MFR which helps you rejuvenate without damaging the skin surface. In addition, the Scarlet MFR is considered to be even smoother on your skin (laser is more traumatic), so scarring or burning is less likely. Scarlet MFR, unlike laser, does not interact with melanin, so it is relatively safe for all skin types with minimal side effects of hyperthyroidism or hypoglycemia.

Scarlet MFR is more effective for rejuvenating and tightening the skin and reducing pores. Therefore improves the wrinkles and elasticity of the texture. It is also effective for acne treatment, acne scars, stretch marks and hyperhidrosis.


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