Treatment of incontinence and narrowing of the vagina

Are you one of the millions of others who suffer from urination and / or vaginal slouching problem? These are the symptoms that result from aging and recurrent births

In our center, we have the solution with Action 2 – Petit Lady, a non-surgical treatment that uses laser to narrow and revitalize the vagina and to treat light and moderate cases of urinary incontinence in women by stimulating vaginal tissue.

The Betty Lady procedure provides safe, lifelong healing for many gynecological diseases caused by aging, and changes in the vagina after birth.

With this convenient and non-surgical procedure for the treatment of pituitary, women will feel a marked improvement in feeling during intimacy, which will better reflect their life

In our golden clinic center you can restore your life through

Total vaginal renewal

Improve sexual satisfaction

Improve the appearance of pigmented vulva

Tighten the vagina and vestibule

Improve postnatal vaginal adjustments

Reduce vaginal atrophy

Improve urinary incontinence

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